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Pattern Corrections

We all make mistakes, just wish mine weren't in print!
Updates for Aura have the date in the bottom corner to ensure you have the most current information.

Sweet Blossoms
   Click here for corrected pages.

   Click here for corrected page.


     Click here for corrected page.

Ombre Lotus
    Click here for corrected page.

Rustic Tiling
    Click here for corrected page.

Interlaced Stars
     Click here for corrected page.

Boho Stars with added Instructions for pages 8 & 9
     Click here for corrected page.

Summer Twist

     Click here for corrected page.

Barnyard Babies
     Click here for corrected page.

Square Dance
  Click here for corrected page.

United We Stand

     Page 5 - Block 1 should measure 8 1/2" x 8 1/2". 

Fans for Edith
   The piece marked Template C should be a 10 degree wedge if making 9 of the same exact size.  If you do not have a 10 degree ruler there is a link to the actual size of the nine wedges.  Click here for templates.

Splendid Pattern
   Pattern purchased on my website before 5/28/16 or purchased from Stitchin Post needs a pattern correction.  Outer border is incorrect in fabric requirements and cutting instructions. Click below for updated pages:    
     Splendid Pattern  Back Cover and Cutting Instructions

Aura - Block of the Month Pattern
     Cutting Guide for 1 Kit
     Cutting Guide for 10 Kits

     Cutting Guide for 15 Kits
     Cutting Guide for 20 Kits
     Cutting Guide for 30 Kits
     Cutting Guide for 40 Kits
     Cutting Guide for 50 Kits
     Pattern Cover - Block 3
     Pattern Cover - Block 7
     Fabric Requirements - Gray 
     Fabric Requirements - Dew Point
     Fabric Requirements - Morning Glory
     Fabric Requirements - Sun Kissed

Asteria - Block of the Month Pattern

Asteria - BLOCK 1

Asteria - BLOCK 3

Asteria - BLOCK 6
Background Fabric
Cut 3-4 1/2" x WOF
Sub-cut into (32) - 4 1/2" x 3"

The original instructions say to cut 24 (but that is just not enough).

Asteria - The Cutting Guide 

     Block 4 - Light Fabric is listed as a 3/4 yard cut.  Should read - 1 yard cut!
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